Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm in DogsAlthough heartworms can be very hard for an owner to cure, they are very easy to prevent. A simple tablet or injection can prevent you or your dog from ever having to deal with this problem. Keep reading to find out the importance of preventing heartworms in your dog.

Where do heartworms come from anyways?

They come from mosquitoes! The mosquito needs to be infected with heartworm larvae, and it deposits the larvae when it goes to feed on your dog. Heartworms are found in all 50 states and can be found anywhere there are mosquitoes and animals to transmit the heartworms too. Thankfully, Heartworms are not transmitted from dog to dog, and they are also not transmitted to humans.

Why are they so bad?

Adult worms can grow up to twelve inches in length, and they lodge themselves inside the heart, lungs, and other sensitive areas. Eventually, heartworms can cause death if not treated. When you decide to treat your dog for heartworms, the bill can become costly. This is another reason to ensure that you are doing all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your dog does not receive heartworms.

If you haven’t been giving your dog the heartworm prevention tablet or injection, then you’re probably curious as to what the symptoms heartworms look like. The first symptom that you will be able to notice is a cough. If it is not treated, then you might see them becoming tired more easily, and eventually, they might pass out.

Interested in keeping your dog prevented against heartworms?

Let’s talk a little bit more about your options. A year’s supply of medication to prevent heartworm will cost you roughly $50. You can opt for giving your monthly dog pills or provide them with the injection once every six months. It is important not to skip any months of preventative medicine to keep your dog in the best health possible. Even during the colder months, it is better to keep them immune to heartworms than to risk them becoming infected.

Overall, heartworms are a horrible infestation, and no dog should ever have to suffer through having them. You now understand where they come from and what they will do to your dog if left untreated. Contact Veterinary Sports Rehab & Integrative Wellness today to learn more about heartworm prevention!


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