“Spark is a 3.5 year old Parson Russell Terrier. She came into our lives as an 8 week old puppy specifically to be my next agility dog. When she was 10 months old, she injured her Iliopsoas, Gracililus, and Pectineus playing too hard with our other dogs. After months seeing other veterinarians and doing extensive physical therapy, she was still holding her right rear leg up in pain. I was at wits end when I was referred to Dr. Adams by an agility friend. Dr. Adams performed stem cell and PRP therapy in December of that year. After two treatments, Spark began improving and was clearly in less pain. After more careful physical therapy under Dr. Adams supervision, we slowly restarted our agility training. Once we started competing again, Spark’s talent and speed shone through. Today she is completely sound, is competing at the Masters level in agility and was just named the fastest Parson Russell Terrier for 2018 in Bad Dog Agility’s Power 10 Ranking. She is a joy to live with and to run. We have a bright future ahead thanks to Dr. Adams!” – Peggy


“Dr. Adams has been a life -saver for our dogs. We have an amputee miniature poodle who has had a number of health problems. He has had ACL repair surgery, IMHA, splenectomy surgery, and as a result of his missing back leg he has continuing orthopedic problems that require her care. Her alternative therapies of lasar, acupuncture, chiropractic, and herbal, have kept him alive and mobile. We also have a little 5 lb. toy poodle and a 7 year old Maltipoo who both have had orthopedic and GI issues. Dr. Adams has made herself available for emergencies and has taught me how to care for them in between their appointments. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring and we don’t know what we would have done without her. We feel very fortunate that she is our dogs’ veterinarian.” – Carolyne P.


“I have had many experiences with multiple veterinarians over the span of 45+ years and to date- I have never experienced the profound wisdom and commitment to supporting my animals than I have with Dr. Adams. Her skills and experience combine western and eastern practices to ensure the best possible outcome for my pets. I spent around $6K on 1 of my dogs going from one specialist to another trying to diagnose the suffering of Emma. I was referred to Dr. Adams and within 1 hour she was confident that Emma had Lymes disease. After more extensive and thorough tests, Dr. Adams was “spot on” . I have another dog- Champ- that has horrific arthritic elbows and after consulting with a very skilled surgeon – I wasn’t satisfied that all we could do was steriods so I enlisted Dr. Adams and she once again came up with a treatment/ rehab program to support both Champ and myself- physically and financially by doing PRP. I was in the clinic’s waiting area many times and all the clients and patients were patiently waiting for their appointment with Dr. Adams because of the “remarkable” results they had experienced!! I listened to one story after another of the HUGE breakthroughs and joy to know their loved companions were on the road to healing.My only regret about my experience with Dr. Adams is that she cannot treat me because I know my health would be in a much stronger position!!” – With GRATITUDE and love, Kim Musselman


“A month and a half ago I returned from vacation to find my 11 year old cocker spaniel Rico unable to walk. He went from being an active, alert senior dog to a dog who crossed and dragged his hind legs and collapsed when trying to stand. He could barely eat and was lethargic. I was utterly heartbroken. Jen, an amazing vet tech who I love and trust completely told me about Dr. Adams and recommended I schedule Rico asap. Upon examining Rico, Dr. Adams diagnosed and treated his condition with a combination of acupuncture, herbs and pain medication. While I was hopeful when I left the appointment, I was also worried because I couldn’t imagine that Rico could make a comeback to the dog he once was. Today Rico is not only walking again, he is running if he gets the chance! On top of treating his spinal injury, Dr. Adams put Rico on an herbal supplement to help clear up his coat which is now as soft and shiny as it was when he was a puppy. I really like that Dr. Adams combines both western and eastern medicine to treat animals. Rico is walking proof that it works. I highly recommend Dr. Adams and am grateful that I found her.”
Rhonda Marciano



“Dr. Adams has been working with my dogs for nearly 7 years. One of my dogs, Niko, had severe confirmation and arthritis issues, pretty much a train wreck. One of my friends said, “You have to go see Dr. Adams.” She provided chiropractic, acupuncture, laser and underwater treadmill treatments as well as several supplements for Niko who would have been in so much more pain without her expertise and care. Later, one of my other dogs Reuger, a rather frail senior boy, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. I was told to take him home; there was really nothing to be done and he would probably succumb in 2 or 3 months. So back to Dr. Adams who not only prescribed natural supplements and acupuncture for Reuger but she also gave me hope. I didn’t really expect that he would survive his cancer but I was so grateful that, with Dr. Adams’ weekly advice and support, Reuger lived another year. And then Niko was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Amputation wasn’t an option and I refused chemo. I was told that without chemo and amputation his life expectancy was, perhaps, 4-6 months. Dr. Adams was already treating him for arthritis so she added several supplements and continued his acupuncture to boost his immune system. Niko saw her every week and was very active, so happy until just a couple of weeks before he left us 15 months later. 15 months! And then, little Lizzie was diagnosed with an intestinal tumor. No chemo, no radiation. Of course, Dr. Adams treated her as well. Dr. Adams’ vast experience working with so many different specialties and especially her depth of knowledge of numerous holistic modalities clearly extended the lives of three of my dogs. She helped me to be realistic about what I could expect but she also gave me strength and hope which helped me to be much more positive so I could really be there for my pups. I can’t imagine not having Dr. Adams as the key to treating my dogs, especially for chronic, and eventually life threatening health issues.” – Judy P.


Being a dog trainer and competing with my dogs in Agility we were always searching out for vets that completely understood the needs of a true canine athlete.

We met Dr. Adams about 8 years ago as a referral. Dr. Adams at that time was working on our Golden Retriever Madison and keeping her in tip top shape as we were competing at the Regional and National level. We also brought our aging Shih-Tzu’s to see her regularly as well. She helped us maintain their mobility and over all well-being. In 2011 we rescued another Shih-Tzu Sunshine. Sunshine ended up having several medical issues with the most concerning being Hepatic Micro vascular Dysplasia. Dr. Adams performed stem cell therapy and as a result has become a strong and overall healthy little girl. She helps us maintain her athletic edge and continues to manage her well being via monthly check ups. In 2014 our GSD mix Kodi was gored by a Buck. He spent 5 hours in surgery and had a long road to recovery ahead of him. Dr. Adams would visit him in the hospital and would bring her laser therapy to him. His recovery was remarkably quick and we couldn’t thank her enough for going above and beyond for us! We have now added 2 more canine athletes to our family and she sees all 5 of our dogs regularly to help us maintain their peak conditions and overall well-being. We can’t thank her enough for literally saving our little Sunshine and Kodi and taking such good care of all our dogs.

Lauren and Jacqueline Sanchez-Susman
October 30, 2016