Training Your Puppy

Training Your PuppyYou got a new puppy! It is a super exciting time, but this exciting time can turn from a blessing to a curse if they aren’t trained properly. Teach your pup how to properly behave and they will truly become man’s best friend.

Some people have never had a puppy, or others simply forget what puppyhood is like and how much work goes into training them!

Here are a few tips to making sure you have an awesome pup:

1) Don’t wait to train them
Most people wait until AFTER they have noticed a behavior problem to start puppy training. Although puppies are simple to train, it is often much easier to teach them what expectations are before they develop bad habits, as habits are hard to break.

2) Engage them in training, reward a good action immediately
Reward your furry friend the minute they display good behaviors, with a treat or a positive acknowledgment. Even when they are laying down after an energetic play session, or just remaining calm when relaxing, you want them to know that their actions are preferred and that this action will be continuously rewarded. Dogs are always willing to please us, and it makes them misbehave if they are not clear on what behavior we like. Dogs will almost always choose naughty behavior, because digging, barking, jumping and chewing things up is fun to a dog.

3) Discipline poor behavior, always be working towards retraining bad habits
It is much more difficult to try and stop a dog from exhibiting certain behaviors once they have learned them. Keep them constantly learning, keep them under careful watch and on a careful schedule to help distract them from displaying poor or disorderly behavior.

4) Keep them occupied
Puppies are so full of energy and charisma, so not only is puppy training important, but puppy toys are also important. Always make sure your puppies have a toy box and various toys to keep themselves stimulated, grow their developing brains, and give their mouths something else to chew on!

5) Take them to a training school
While reinforcing this behavior is very important every day in your home, taking your dog to a training school or boot camp can be an awesome option! Not only do you get the experience of a professional, but it gives you a weekly structure to make sure you don’t fall behind on doggie discipline when life gets busier.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for training a new pup? Would you go it alone or get some professional help? These tips are sure to help you ensure your dog is well trained and remains a “good dog” for as long as you have them!

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