Travel with Pets

Are you getting ready for your summer vacation, or planning a weekend get away? These trips can be a lot of fun, but they can also cause a lot of stress when figuring out how to bring your pet along for the journey. But if you follow these pet travel tips, you should have a smooth ride with your favorite companion!

If you are traveling by car, make sure that your pet is safely secured in a crate or kennel, and that the crate or kennel is held in place by the seatbelt. While it may be more fun to have your dog or cat sitting on the seat with you, the moving vehicle can cause them to become stressed and sudden movements could be potentially dangerous for them. Most pets are actually more comfortable in the den-like space of a crate than with all the stimuli passing by the car’s window.

Also be sure to make frequent stops to let your pets out, not just to stretch their legs but to relieve themselves. Your pets will need to stop more often than you do, so it’s important to let them out to avoid discomfort and accidents. In addition, make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water available and be sure not to skip their regular meal times.

NEVER travel with a pet in a truck bed! Although your pets may enjoy the fresh air, an impact or sudden stop could be potentially fatal. It is even more dangerous to tie your pet to the truck bed, as they could be dragged if they fall out.

If you are traveling by air, be sure to call your airline and ask them about pet travel. Different airlines have differing policies, so it’s best to avoid any potential problems or restrictions beforehand. Different states and countries can also have policies that you should be aware of, so it’s important to have all the necessary information before you depart.


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